Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students I've Advised

Maddie Phelps, honors thesis on disabled subjectivity in the Daredevil Comics, 2017

Ellen Fee, honors thesis on poetry and literacy development, 2016

Isaac Wicker, honors thesis on the origins of the American work ethic, 2014

Kathleen Trescony, honors thesis on Elm Creek Park Reserve, 2014

Taylor Blumer, honors thesis on Sigurd Olson and wilderness, 2013

Teresa Hayes, honors thesis on nature in Catholic literature, 2013

Kelsey Kudak, honors thesis on fair trade coffee, 2009

Emily Lind, honors thesis on Ernest Hemingway and religion, 2009

Emily Schnobrich, honors thesis on M.F.K. Fisher as memoirist, 2009

Laura Freund, capstone paper on globalization in Juarez, Mexico, 2004

Rachel Elsen, capstone paper on intentional communities, 2003

Jami Boehm, capstone paper on gray wolves, 2002

Kristina Thayer, capstone paper on organic food, 2002

Terri Weitz, capstone paper on urban sprawl and smart growth, 2002

Tyler Zickert, capstone paper on Henry David Thoreau and the simple life, 2001


Undergraduate Students with Whom I've Worked Closely

Simone Anzion, UROP project on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, 2014

Jon Schroeder, honors thesis in Entrepreneurial Management, 2013

Jack Kelly, senior thesis in English, 2012

Matt Grimley, UROP project on birdwatching and conservation, 2011

Birgit Fink, honors thesis in Psychology, 2009

Colin Waitt, senior project in Theatre Studies, 2008